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Book Launch at the Derby Library, Wednesday February 27 at 7pm

by | February 1, 2015 | Releases & Announcements | 0 comments

logoMark Nelson, pioneering sustainability ecologist and partner at Birdwood Downs, and author of The Wastewater Gardener, will speak on Ecotechnics and Wastewater Gardening at the Derby Library on Wednesday, February 27th at 7pm.

Mark will discuss his land restoration and wastewater recycling work he has been doing around the planet (including the Kimberleys) for the past four decades, and talking about the lessons he learned while living for two years “under glass” inside Biosphere2 research facility in Arizona where they grew their own food, recycled all the air, water and wastes. He will also be signing copies of his new book, The Wastewater Gardener.

Any enquiries, please call the Library on 91910900.



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