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Where The Gods Reign: Plants and Peoples of the Colombian Amazon

By Richard Evans Schultes

An anthropological overview of the Amazon region and the interconnections between its indigenous peoples and sacred plants by one of the pioneering founders of the field of Ethnobotany.

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Richard Evans Schultes

Richard Evans Schultes is known as the father of contemporary ethnobotany, he carried out extensive field studies, particularly in the Amazon. He received numerous awards including the Cross of Boyaca, Colombia’s highest honor, and the annual Gold Medal of the World Wildlife Fund. In 1987 he received the prestigious Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement, and in 1992 he was awarded the Linnean Gold Medal, the highest award a botanist can receive. Dr. Schultes was a member of the National Academy of Sciences, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Linnean Society of London, three Latin American Academies, the Academy of India, and the Third World Academy of Sciences.


We are working on a revised new edition of this title with an updated foreword by Mark Plotkin. We expect to have details by the end of 2020 when this book will be available. Please email to be placed on an email list to be notified when it comes out. thank you for your interest in this title. Dr. Schultes other title in this series in Vine of the Soul, and can be obtained through this website.

Where the Gods Reign is a complete anthropological overview of the Amazon rainforest ecosystem, containing chapters on rivers, ethnic groups, cultural activities, rubber and coca plants, drugs and medicines, and others. Beautiful photographs taken by Dr. Schultes during the ‘40s and ‘50s are accompanied by explanatory text, providing a vivid illustration of the evolutionary relationship between mankind and the biomes within which we live. Richard Evans Schultes is considered the father of modern ethnobotany and this text, a companion to Vine of the Soul, is a classic in the field.
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2 reviews for Where The Gods Reign: Plants and Peoples of the Colombian Amazon

  1. greggw

    Richard Schultes is a true ethnobotanist, the incarnation and almost the inventor of this discipline… Where the Gods Reign is a picture book.. of great beauty and tranquility… full of fascinating information.
    —Sir John Hemming, New York Times Literary Supplement

  2. greggw

    [The photos]…would almost stand on their own as a remarkable record of the region, but we are authoritatively treated also to an eloquent and information narrative.
    -Steve Bowles, The Geographical Journal (Royal Geographic Society, London)

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