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Just Released: The Anthropocene

By Mitch Mignano

September 29, 2014 | Releases & Announcements | 0 comments

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest title, The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How It Shapes Our Planet by Christian Schwägerl.

This thoroughly researched book is the result of 10 years of research by award-winning environmental science journalist and author Christian Schwägerl and offers up a comprehensive world-eye-view of today’s ecological crises.

Christian traveled the globe extensively, visiting rising megacities, along with interviewing key leaders in the fields of science, politics and culture. His work asks us to consider intriguing questions about our global impact as a species and our increasing responsibility as planetary stewards in creating a vibrant, geologically-sustainable future.


Recent Review:

 “This is a splendid introduction to the Anthropocene by one of its  most eloquent celebrants. I’m especially moved by Schwagerl’s conversations with Paul Crutzen and other scientists at the heart of  the Anthropocene debates…. Scholars will appreciate his long tenure with the subject and the depth of his research.”

—Diane Ackerman, author of The Human Age



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Mitch Mignano

Contributing Editor

Mitch Mignano is a writer, researcher, editor and workshop organizer who splits his time between Santa Fe and New York City. After finishing graduate school, Mitch teamed-up with psychedelic author Daniel Pinchbeck to begin working with the Evolver social network, Reality Sandwich online magazine and North Atlantic Books. Through this activity, he came in contact with John Allen (inventor of Biosphere 2) and Deborah Snyder, discovering a deep calling to work with John and his ecotechnic ideas, Mitch brings a myriad of professional connections, as well as an experiential and interdisciplinary knowledge set to the Synergetic team.


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