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David Bronner

David Bronner

David Bronner is Cosmic Engagement Officer (CEO) of Dr. Bronner’s, the top-selling natural brand of soap in North America and producer of a range of organic body care and food products. Under David’s leadership Dr. Bronner’s holds the status of the highest scoring B Corp in the world among companies dedicated to positive social and environmental impact over the profit motive. The brand caps Executive pay at five times the lowest paid fully vested position and has grown from $4 million in annual revenue in 1998 to nearly $170 million in 2022. David was born in Los Angeles, California in 1973 and earned an undergraduate degree in biology from Harvard University. A dedicated vegan and an advocate for drug policy and criminal justice reform as well as regenerative organic agriculture and other social justice and environmental causes, David serves on the board of MAPS and the Regenerative Organic Alliance. He lives in Encinitas, California.

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