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Tony Juniper works as an eco-warrior, fighting for sustainable change through political action at local, national and international levels while spreading his message of the value nature provides.

Tony Juniper

Tony Juniper is a campaigner, author, sustainability adviser and well-known British environmentalist. For more than twenty-five years, he has worked to develop a more sustainable society at local, national and international levels. From providing  ecology and conservation education experiences for elementary school children to making the case for new recycling laws to orchestrating international campaigns for rainforest preservation and climate change, his work has promoted change at many levels.

Juniper presently works as a special adviser to The Prince of Wales Charities’ International Sustainability Unit, having previously served (2008–2010) as a special adviser with The Prince’s Rainforests Project. He is also a Fellow and member of the teaching faculty at the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL) and a cofounder of the Robertsbridge Group, which advises leading companies on sustainabilty strategy. In November 2012, he was named first president of the Society for the Environment.

Believing that political change is necessary in making the transition to a more sustainable society, Juniper ran as candidate for the Green Party in the Cambridge constituency at the 2010 general election. The campaign nearly tripled the Green vote in Cambridge, and the constituency ranked third out of 325 involving a Green candidate.

Tony ran Friends of the Earth in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from 1990 – 2000, then went on to serve as Vice-Chair of Friends of the Earth International for nearly a decade. He contributed to many of Friends of the Earth’s most important achievements, including legislation enacted to protect the UK’s finest wildlife habitats, new laws to require more recycling and policy changes in the transport and farming sectors. And in 2008, the UK’s world-leading statutory greenhouse gas emissions reductions targets as set out in the Climate Change Act resulted directly from the success of one of his campaigns.

Juniper frequently lectures on environmental and sustainability issues. He also writes extensively and contributes to a wide range of publications. What Has Nature Ever Done for Us? was first published in the UK in January 2013, where, following many favorable reviews, it quickly became a best seller. The North American edition is now available from from Synergetic Press.

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