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Henry Field

Henry Field was born in 1902. He was an american anthropologist who studied in England, graduating from Oxford University in 1925. He worked as Assistant Curator of Physical Anthropology in the Field Museum of Natural History, and held the position of Curator from 1934-1941. Field participated in several of the Museum’s Near East expeditions. Throughout his career, Field participated in archaeological expeditions in Europe, Africa, Mongolia and Southwest Asia. He also led expeditions to Europe, the North Arabian Desert, Iraq, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. He was a member of the University of California African Expedition (1947-48), and the Peabody Museum-Harvard Expedition to the Near East and Pakistan. Henry Field received many honors and awards during his career as an Anthropologist. He was a research fellow in the physical anthropology department at Harvard from 1950-1969 and was also an honorary member of the Glasgow Archaeological Society. He also joined several foreign scientific societies and organizations in the Untied States and many other countries. Henry Field died in 1986 in Miami, Florida.

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