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Dieter Hagenbach

Dieter Hagenbach was born 1943 in Basel, Switzerland and studied architecture and the arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, Düsseldorf, Germany. In 1975 he founded Sphinx publishing house, with works by Joseph Campbell, H.R. Giger, George Gurdjieff, Jean Houston, Timothy Leary, John Lilly, Terence McKenna, Alan Watts, Robert Anton Wilson, among others. From 1977–1986 he was editor of Sphinx magazine and the German language edition of the Brain/Mind Bulletin.

Dieter Hagenbach met Albert Hofmann in the mid-1970s and remained his friend until his death. In 1986 he published Albert Hofmann’s book Einsichten Ausblicke (Insight Outlook). From 1990–2005 Hagenbach acted as a literary agent. In 1993 he launched the Gaia Media Foundation. He was initiator and program manager of the international symposium “LSD – Problem Child and Wonder Drug” in Basel, 2006, on the occasion of Albert Hofmann’s 100th birthday, and was in charge of the program for the 2008 “World Psychedelic Forum” in Basel. Since 2002 Dieter Hagenbach has been the editor of the Gaia Media Foundation website and the monthly electronic GoodNewsLetter.

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