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By Rosé


Publication Date: March 18, 2012 ISBN: 9780907791348 Categories: , , Tags: ,



Rosé was born deep in the Bronx in 1934. He began crafting his poetry while attending a number of colleges during the 50’s. After a stint in the army he bounced around working as a lifeguard, masseur and astrology writer. He saw his heaviest combat duty teaching High School in New York. In the early sixties he assiduously pursued Ancient Greek while dining on Mexican beaches, touring in European cafés and slumming in Moroccan dives. Between a stint of acting, including the movie “The Edge,” he published a book of drawings and launched skin diving trips throughout the Yucatan and the Florida Keys. His “School of the Night” specialized in occult classes and his “Liquid Wedge Gallery” made media history with sculptor Tony Price’s first “Atomic Art Show” in NYC in 1969.

Rosé is the father of two daughters. He lives with his wife in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he performs his poetry at the drop of a hat.


As the title suggests, POETRAITS contains poetic ruminations about the people whom poet Rosé finds himself ruminating. The categories range from the rich and famous (or infamous) such as Frank Sinatra, Janet Reno, and saxophonist Steve Lacy, to the unknown (at least to the reader) to categories of persons, such as “Wonderful Women,” “Bikers,” etc. There are also poems about particular events (“Thanksgiving ’95,” “Thanksgiving ’92,”) and a few “things” (such as a cigarette).

Rosé’s poems are high spirited and very funny. In a self portrait entitled “Personal Column,” for instance, he describes some of the wild responses the narrator (presumably Rosé) receives after placing the following in a classified ad: “Poet, cranky and demanding/ Seeks infinite understanding.” Some verses are plain silly, such as in “Dipsy Doodle” when the narrator complains about the inferior thinking of the poem’s object of intention: “Because your brain’s so daffy/ A kind of mental taffy/ I think there is nothing we can do/ So I’m calling for the van/ Just as quickly as I can/ Because this is a case of missing screw.’

POETRAITS is a must for anyone who occasionally sinks into a dark mood. Rosé’s peppy rhymed verses will zip you off to a height from which all life takes on a much more frivolous appearance.

A rare opportunity awaits the reader in this tango of language as moving and as graceful as the dance of that name. Here for the engaging mind are poetic utterances from an American unknown master of the word. His subjects are the illusive ordinary. In the mind’s eye of humor, transliterated and perfumed in the beauty of language, he renders the ordinary profound.” -Godfrey Reggio


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