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Feng Shui: The Science of Sacred Landscape in China


Publication Date: March 19, 2012 ISBN: 9780907791188 Category: Tag:


The vital currents, influenced by the heavenly bodies, which permeate the earth’s surface and regulate its cycles of fertility, were recognized by the Chinese in early times through the traditional science and practice of Feng-shui. Modern concern about the threat to the earth’s continued life and fertility has brought about a revival of interest in this science which was based on principles of cooperation between men and nature. First published in 1873, Ernest J. Eitel’s Feng-Shui remains the best classical treatise on the subject ever written. As such, it offers a unique perspective on a subject that has since been heavily commercialized in the West. This edition includes nine engravings of Chinese landscapes by nineteenth century artist Thomas Allom.

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…John Michell argues compellingly that feng-shui can truly enable individuals to create mroe benign circumstances.
Michael Harings, The Laughing Man Magazine

Every place has its special topographical features which modified the local influence of the various chi (energies) of nature.
Joseph Needham

The art of living in harmony with the land, and deriving the greatest benenfit, peace and prosperity from being in the right place at the right time is called feng-shui.
Stephen Skinner


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