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Bailing Out the Earth: Foreword Magazine Review of Anthropocene

By Synergetic Press

June 18, 2015 | Sustainability & Ecology

The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How It Shapes Our Planet by Christian Schwagerl (Synergetic Press)

anthropocene_720Woe is Earth. Drilled silly, dumped on, farmed out, fished out, and cloaked in a burka of carbon—who does the planet have to thank for this dire state of affairs? Only its most highly evolved species, of course. Enter Christian Schwägerl’s The Anthropocene: The Human Era and How It Shapes Our Planet, in which he justifies use of the term “Anthropocene” to designate a new human geological era based on the changes we’ve caused and our vital role as planetary stewards. Schwägerl and others (Nobel Prize winner Paul Crutzen, for instance) are championing the relationship between humans and nature as a revolutionary science-driven force.

Foreword Magazine Review


Synergetic Press

For over 35 years as an independent publisher, our mission has been to promote mindful discussion of humankind’s present and future lives. We publish unique and paradigm-shifting ideas in subjects such as ecology, sustainability, psychedelics, consciousness, and environmental and social justice that inspire both individual and social change.


Rituals of Change


Anthropocene – On the Substance of a New Idea


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