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70 Ads to Save the World: Winner of IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award

By Synergetic Press

September 6, 2023 | Books, Reviews, Social Justice

In an era where advertising often seems synonymous with consumerism and manipulation, Jerry Mander, an advertising visionary, took a bold step forward to harness the power of the medium for a greater cause. In his captivating book, 70 Ads to Save the World: An Illustrated Memoir of Social Change, Mander invites readers on a remarkable journey through his groundbreaking work that challenged the status quo and aimed to make a positive impact on society.

The IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, a prestigious recognition in the publishing industry, recently acknowledged the remarkable achievements of 70 Ads to Save the World. By winning the silver award in the Political and Current Events category, the book has received well-deserved acclaim for its innovative approach to advertising and its potential to create a better world. This recognition further solidifies Mander’s position as a visionary and validates the impact of his work in driving social change.

70 Ads to Save the World is more than just a memoir; it serves as a catalyst for action. By sharing his journey, Mander motivates readers to rethink their own relationship with advertising and consider how it can be harnessed as a force for positive transformation. The book challenges us to question the prevailing narratives, examine our own beliefs, and explore creative solutions to pressing global issues. It empowers readers to believe in their ability to make a difference and inspires them to take action in their own lives and communities.

Mander’s perspective on advertising was unlike any other. Rather than utilizing advertising solely for corporate gain, he believed that it could be a powerful tool for social change. Mander’s book showcases 70 compelling ads that were designed to provoke thought, inspire action, and challenge societal norms. These thoughtfully crafted advertisements covered a range of pressing issues, including environmental sustainability, social justice, and political reform.

An illustrated memoir that masterfully combines images and narratives to create a lasting impact, Mander understood the potency of visual storytelling, recognizing that captivating visuals could communicate a message more effectively than words alone. Each ad presented in the book is accompanied by an insightful commentary, providing readers with an in-depth understanding of the creative process and the underlying social message. Mander’s work defied conventional advertising norms by breaking away from the relentless pursuit of profit and redirecting the focus towards the greater good. Through his thought-provoking ads, he aimed to promote critical thinking, encourage dialogue, and ultimately inspire positive change. By challenging societal assumptions and exposing the flaws within our systems, Mander’s ads stimulated discussions that had the potential to reshape public opinion and drive collective action.

Jerry Mander’s 70 Ads to Save the World: An Illustrated Memoir of Social Change represents a groundbreaking work that pushes the boundaries of advertising. By utilizing the medium to challenge societal norms and advocate for positive change, Mander demonstrates the immense potential of advertising to shape the world we live in. With its thought-provoking content, visually engaging illustrations, and recent recognition at the IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards, this book serves as a rallying call to harness the power of advertising for the greater good. Let Mander’s memoir inspire us all to explore new avenues and embrace advertising as a means to save the world


Synergetic Press

For over 35 years as an independent publisher, our mission has been to promote mindful discussion of humankind’s present and future lives. We publish unique and paradigm-shifting ideas in subjects such as ecology, sustainability, psychedelics, consciousness, and environmental and social justice that inspire both individual and social change.


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