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Affiliate Program

Welcome to our affiliate program. At Synergetic Press, we value our connection with our broader community. When you sign up as an affiliate you are helping propel our mission to advance transformative ideas and tools that inspire personal and social change, deepen our connection to all beings, and support a reciprocal relationship with our planet.

*Note: Coupons only work when used with the link. Make sure to use your unique url code when promoting our products.

To apply to our affiliate program fill out this form.


When do I receive my commission?

  • Every 30 days, beginning once there is a payable balance.

How much do I receive in commissions? 

  • 20% of net receipts

How do I receive payment?

  • Our program uses the PayPal email you have provided. It is an automated feature and will begin once you have accumulated over $25 in balance.
  • Log into your portal (above) to view and/or change your PayPal email address.

How do I begin referring someone?

  • An introductory email (subject line “Your Affiliate Application Has Been Accepted!” ) was sent that provides a unique tracking link. You must use the specific link provided in order to receive an affiliate payment. You can paste the link onto your website, newsletter, social media channel or however you reach your audience. Any orders received by individuals clicking through will generate an affiliate percentage.
  • If you are unable to find your unique link, log into the affiliate portal (above) and press on “affiliate partner links” to receive your unique link.

Can I provide a discount for my audience?

  • Yes! In your introductory email, you also received a unique coupon code for you to provide to your audience. If you are unable to locate this, log into the affiliate portal (above) and press on “coupon” to view your unique coupon and the percentage amount. The default percentage offered is 20% off on all Synergetic products.

What happens if I use my coupon code without the affiliate link? 

  • Your referral will not be tracked.
  • It is important that you always use your link, when promoting our products even when using the coupon code provided.

For additional questions or support reach out to [email protected]

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